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AT All Stars: Karl Kapchinski

Head Athletic Trainer, A&M Consolidated High School


"I am an old school AT with upgraded skills..."

I am an old school AT with upgraded skills. I find that a lot of the old techniques that we have used over the years still work, even though they're no longer taught in the new education of the profession today. What I have found that is always true — providing direct care and hands-on work with the athlete gets the best results.

There have been numerous occasions in which, during the course of a game or event, an injury occurred to one of my athletes. With the training that we have received, we were able to provide managed care for their return to the competition in a safe manner. These are the great opportunities that we can provide that leave such a positive impact on me, but for the athlete as well.

Very few jobs that can provide the highs and lows during a single event that make one few SO happy or SO sad.

We have been very fortunate — in conjunction with our local hospital — to obtain SidelinER® for our sideline assessments. This has provided such a tremendous enhancement for our sideline assessments and evaluations without fan, parent, or player interruption. Also, SidelinER® is the key to privacy and confidentiality for the athletes involved.

Our physicians are also huge fans of SidelinER®, as it allows them to do a complete assessment despite all the craziness on the sideline. SidelinER® allows for thorough exams to take place, subsequently making sure that return to play is safe.

It has been very productive to be able see and utilize equipment, supplies, and technology that have been devised by our Athletic Training colleagues. Jeff Allen deserves a great deal of credit for SidelinER® and how it has changed the sideline injury management at all levels of athletics.

Thanks to all of the Kinematic Company for the recognition and promotion of our Athletic Training vocation.

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