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AT All Stars: Esi Atinkah

Softball Athletic Trainer, The University of Alabama


"The mental aspect of an injury is what we should work on every day..."

As an athletic trainer, I work hard at trying to prevent injury. This year in particular I have tried to come up with ways to help prevent injury before it occurs, and decrease the risk of an injury occurring.

I believe that doing exercises and movement can help athletes through injury. I also am a big believer that the mental aspect of an injury is what we should work on every day, even if it’s a “feel good” day.

My most rewarding days come when an athlete has suffered a traumatic injury and are able to come back and successfully get back to the sport they love. My goal is to help these athletes reach their goals, and when they hit a speed bump and make it over, it really makes my job worth it.

It is also rewarding when the athlete graduates and you have made a big enough impact in their lives that they want to include you in other big life events (weddings, baby showers, etc.).

SidelinER® was a very big help for us during the SEC Softball Tournament. It provided a private place for athletes and their athletic trainer to go if an injury were to occur.

I also liked using HydratER® when we used water bottles before COVID.

I want to thank all my academic athletic training professors for seeing something in me and allowing me to be part of the ATEP program at Alabama. I didn’t have the highest GPA, but they saw something in me that made them think I could do this job.

I want to thank my preceptors Joe Hoffer and Jeff Allen for helping me grow and become the athletic trainer that I am today. I also want to thank Jeff Allen and Erin Cohen for giving me so many opportunities and always believing in me even when I have trouble believing in myself. The staff at Alabama are amazing and truly are family.

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