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STARTING AT $1,299 / unit

Ensuring Privacy and Dignity in On-Field Sports Injuries
On-field injuries in sports not only pose physical challenges but also raise serious concerns about athlete privacy. Traditional emergency response methods often fall short in providing a secure and private space for athletes during crucial injury moments.

Crafted for catastrophic on-field sports injuries, this innovative solution acts as an immediate shield, creating a private space for athletes and medical staff during critical injury response stages. Easy to deploy and highly portable, the FieldER swiftly establishes a controlled environment, preserving the dignity of the injured athlete.

Deploys in 5 seconds with 4 on-site personnel

* This design allows for the fastest deployment with the simplest operation on various environments
* This allows for effective operation with little or no training


150sqft interior space, requested by professional sports teams, to accommodate larger sized athletes while providing the necessary space for medical staff and their equipment

Provides 360 degrees of privacy with an open top

* Pictured at upper level at Bryant Denny Stadium

18oz vinyl travel duffel (included)

Weighs 30lbs


  1. Unmatched Privacy Protection:

    • FieldER ensures immediate privacy, shielding athletes and medical staff from onlookers during critical moments.

  2. Emotional Stress Reduction:

    • Creating a controlled and calm environment, FieldER minimizes emotional stress on both the injured athlete and medical staff.

  3. On-Site Privacy for Diagnosis and Treatment:

    • Dedicated space for initial assessment and treatment ensures accurate diagnosis and appropriate interventions away from public eyes.

  4. Dignity in Evacuation:

    • Throughout the evacuation process, FieldER maintains the dignity of the injured player, mitigating potential psychological impact.

  5. Flexible Deployment:

    • Highly portable and easy to deploy on various sports fields, ensuring a quick and standardized response to on-field emergencies.

  6. Legal and Ethical Compliance:

    • FieldER aligns with regulations emphasizing privacy protection, contributing to legal and ethical compliance in emergency situations.

  7. Positive Public Perception:

    • Reflecting a commitment to athlete well-being, FieldER fosters positive public perception and reinforces organizational values.

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