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Andrews Institute SidelinER
SidelinER® Warranty Information:
SidelinER® Limited Warranty

The official way to set up and operate your SidelinER PRO, as demonstrated by the creators themselves.

All SidelinERs come with Assembly Instructions and manual in-packaging. Replacement manuals are available at the links above.



  • Can I return my SidelinER®?
    SidelinER® cannot be returned after 30 days of purchase.
  • How do you care for your SidelinER® unit?
    Branded Panels: Wash on the gentle cycle in cold water. Tumble dry on low heat. DO NOT DRY CLEAN. Cover: Use soap and water or a light detergent to hand wash. DO NOT PUT COVER THROUGH THE WASH OR DRY CLEAN.
  • Do you offer wholesale or volume discount pricing?
    We do offer volume discount pricing for orders of 10 or more. Please contact us for more information.
  • How do you secure your unit during windy conditions?
    Two sand bags are included with each SidelinER® to secure your unit. Instructions for placing those can be found in the Set Up Instructions on our Customer Service page.
  • Can SidelinER® be used during rain?
    SidelinER® covers are water-resistant. While others in the shelter industry claim to be waterproof, all fabrics will absorb some moisture when under prolonged exposure to heavy rains. We using DWR coated fabrics and bonded threads in all seams to help your cover stand up to the elements.
  • Can I customize my SidelinER®?
    Yes. You have complete control of customization. Choose from six cover colors, and add branding with removable branded panels.
  • Do you have a distributor in the U.S.?
    Yes. Kinematic products are available via MEDCO, Henry Schein, Alert Services, MioTech, BSN Sports, and Collins Sports Medicine.
  • What format for logos/images do I need to submit?
    Please submit vector-based images for printing. Common vector files are .eps, .psd, .ai, .pdf, .svg. Kinematic Sports assumes each customer possesses full rights to use their logo when sent to us for printing. We cannot be held liable for misuse of branding.
  • What are my options for shipping methods?
    All shipments will be shipped via FedEx Ground unless otherwise requested by the customer.
  • Can I store my SidelinER® frame with the cover on?
    SidelinER® covers and panels are not meant to be stored or transported while on the frame. Be sure to remove your SidelinER® cover before storage in order to decrease the risk of damage.
  • How long does a customized SidelinER® take to deliver?
    Based on availability, the turnaround time for SidelinER® is approximately 2 weeks after order.
  • Is there a limit to the number of renderings I can have before having to finalize unit design?
    An unlimited number of renderings is available, but additional fees will apply beginning with the fourth version.
  • What is the size of SidelinER® (WxLxH)?
    SidelinER® PRO 7x14 - 7' x 14' x 7' SidelinER® PRO 5x12 - 5' x 12' x 7'
  • How do I wash a SidelinER®?
  • Should I store my SidelinER® wet?
    No. If your SidelinER® is used during rainy weather or heavy morning dew, it should be set up on the next sunny day to dry out. Storing wet fabrics in an enclosed container for an extended period of time will cause it to mildew.
  • How many branded plates can I put on each HydratER®?
    HydratER® has 4 available spaces for branding: front and back of each of the two trays.
  • Where can I get replacement parts?
    Email a replacement parts request to, or fill out our website's contact form on our Contact page with your request.
  • How much does HydratER® weigh and how much space does it take up?
    HydratER® weighs 16lbs when empty and creates a footprint of approximately 2' x 2'. It has 12" wheels and stands at a height of 44".
  • How long will my HydratER® take to deliver?
    In-stock orders ship next day. Branded plates ship within 1 week.
  • Can I put images on the branded plates?
    Branded plates are only equipped to be customized with text or logos at this time.
  • The handle of my HydratER® feels loose. What do I do?
    Tighten the T-handle knob until the square tube is compressed against the handle.
  • What kind of bottle carriers will fit in my HydratER®?
    Any standard-size Gatorade or Powerade squeeze bottles and carriers will fit into HydratER®. HydratER®s that support larger-sized bottle carriers are available upon request.
  • Does HydratER® come in various colors?
    At this time, HydratER® comes in raw aluminum. We encourage customization via branded panels.
  • Does HydratER® come with bottles and carriers?
    HydratER® does not include bottles or carriers at this time.
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