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AT All Stars: Candid Athletic Training Podcast's Chad & Kevan

Chad Henneberry, Athletic Trainer, Froedtert Sports Medicine

Kevan Creighton, Athletic Trainer and Owner, Structural Elements


Welcome to a very special double-feature-finale edition of this season of AT All Stars!

We are honored to highlight the incredible Chad Henneberry and Kevan Creighton, co-hosts of the Candid Athletic Training podcast. Team Kinematic has worked directly with Chad and Kevan, and we love seeing these awesome guys changing the face of (and the conversation around) the sports medicine industry for the good.

Thanks, gentlemen, for all you do!

CHAD: Personally I think we need to treat ourselves as movement consultants. The more time we can teach our athletes and clients how to take care of themselves, hopefully the easier our job becomes in the future. (Think teaching someone how to fish rather than giving them a fish.)

KEVAN: When it comes to treating our athletes/patients, I am always in search of the "why" and not the "what". For example, I can evaluate and discover that someone has right SI joint pain, but WHY is this occurring? As Athletic Trainers, we are so very equipped to correct the MOVEMENT imbalances that are leading to dysfunction and not just treaters of symptoms. So therefore, I believe, we as professionals are the consultants people need for a healthy life.

CHAD: For me, every time an injured athlete makes a return to the lineup, you can’t help but feel a sense of pride…knowing that you had a role in helping that person accomplish something they set out to do.

KEVAN: I have been very lucky to experience some very cool moments in professional sports: game-winning home runs, making the playoffs, winning a division, etc. Those were always met with great pride of being a part of those special moments. But the moment that stands-out the most was actually before I was even certified.

In my internship, I helped an athlete recover and rehab back to full sport activity from ACL repair. Everything was great, but the moment was when I turned around in the dugout and one of his teammates was standing there, shook my hand and simply stated "nice work."

It was the moment that I realized hard work CAN be seen and acknowledged.

CHAD: The best product has to be the SidelinER® PRO — “All the room for activities”!!!

KEVAN: I agree with Chad!! Also any chance to add-in a movie quote...gotta take that.

CHAD: Thanks to everyone who listens to the Candid Athletic Training podcast…our show is better because of you!

KEVAN: Thank you to all of our listeners and supporters of Candid Athletic Training! We started this podcast to have conversations, hopefully bring awareness to Athletic Training, and honestly to let ATs out there know "you are not alone."



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