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Kinematic Company's mission is to provide innovative products that support the evolution of athletic training.


Jeff Meek

University of Alabama – Soccer, Athletic Trainer

“I always knew I wanted to help people”


At Kinematic Company, our mission is to provide innovative products to support the evolution of athletic training. We love to highlight athletic trainers who put their heart and soul into their careers and provide the best healthcare to their athletes. University of Alabama Women’s Soccer Athletic Trainer, Jeff Meek embodies the grit and passion it takes to put your athletes first. It’s a privilege to spotlight another incredibly deserving member of our Kinematic Family.

When Meek was growing up, he always knew he wanted to help people in some way. He also had a passion for sports. Like many other young athletes, Meek got his first exposure to the field of athletic training via a personal injury in soccer. After going through the rehab process, Meek realized he had figured out his career aspirations.

“I thought it would be a fulfilling thing to help people return to what they enjoyed doing most,” Meek said.

Meek attended Florida State University where he received his certification as an athletic trainer, and he has been working in the field ever since. Like all athletic trainers, Meek has experienced many crazy moments in his career. He would define his craziest moment in his career: “There has been a lot of crazy things – but spending the night with 19 suitcases and your head coach in the Salt Lake City airport after a weeklong trip in Utah would probably be up there,” Meek said.

Meek is passionate about his career and takes pride in caring for his athletes to get them back to their healthiest selves. Meek’s love for his job stems from the relationships he forms with his athletes and coaching staff. Making an impact on their lives and careers is the most rewarding to him, and he wouldn't trade it for anything. “When athletes that have graduated come back to town and take the time to visit. For them to take time out of their schedules to drop by and catch up with us is something I’ll never take for granted,” Meek said.

When asked what makes him unique, Meek jokes that he might be better at his job if he didn't remember as many random song lyrics and movie quotes. But it's clear that Meek's ability to connect with his athletes through humor and a positive attitude has contributed to his success as an athletic trainer.

Meek has had the privilege of working with some incredible people, including his boss and mentor, Jeff Allen. Allen inspires Meek with his positive attitude, innovative thinking, and ability to manage people. Meek loves that he is a true family man but also has the ability to balance one of the most challenging positions in the country.

Looking ahead, Meek is preparing for the offseason, but he knows that preparations for the next season will start quickly. In his day-to-day work as an athletic trainer, Meek relies on Kinematic Company products to help him provide the best care possible for his athletes. The SidelinER, in particular, has been a great resource to provide privacy for his athletes while going through injury evaluations. The HydratER’s makes his on-field work much more efficient in providing hydration to his athletes and coaches during workouts. The AT table is also a game-changer on the road, giving him a consistent lightweight option to prepare his athletes for practice and games.

Meek’s passion for helping athletes and his unique perspective on the field makes him an invaluable asset to the Women’s Soccer Team at the University of Alabama. With his dedication to providing high-quality care and using Kinematic products, Meek is poised to continue making an impact in the field of athletic training.


Written by Allison Ragland


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