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Jaclyn Emery

Athletic Trainer, McKinney Boyd High School

“I felt like I had a purpose to help others.”


Jaclyn Emery, an accomplished Athletic Trainer at McKinney Boyd High School in McKinney, Texas, has a story that’s both inspiring and compelling. Her journey from a young athlete with dreams of the WNBA to a dedicated professional in sports medicine is marked by passion, resilience, and a deep love for sports and helping others.

Growing up in Hurst, Texas, Jaclyn’s early ambitions were centered around becoming a professional basketball player. "Well before high school I was dead set I was making it to the WNBA," she recalls. As she matured, her career aspirations evolved, considering paths like interior design and orthopedic surgery.

Jaclyn’s formative years were spent in Hurst, Texas, where she attended Birdville High School. She thrived both academically and athletically, and her family's stability provided a strong foundation. "I had a successful athletic career as well as academics," she notes, adding that her parents still live in the house where she grew up.

Jaclyn’s interest in athletic training was sparked in high school, influenced by a strong relationship with her school’s athletic trainer. This mentorship led her to develop a plan that initially aimed for becoming an orthopedic surgeon but allowed flexibility to explore physical therapy and athletic training. "I fell in love with being a student AT in college," she shares, highlighting how she thrived on the sidelines, among coaches and athletes.

Jaclyn pursued her passion at Hardin-Simmons University, earning a Bachelor of Behavioral Science in Athletic Training. Her education and certification laid the groundwork for a successful career in sports medicine.

Jaclyn’s love for athletic training is multifaceted. She enjoys being around sports, witnessing athletes’ successes, and demonstrating the critical role athletic trainers play in sports medicine. "I couldn’t imagine life without the sweat, tears, blood, competitive nature, the wins, the losses," she explains, reflecting on the profound impact sports have had on her life.

What sets Jaclyn apart is her enduring drive, a trait she carries from her days as an athlete. She continues to push herself in all aspects of life, supported by her husband, who shares her passion for athletic training. "We compete with and against each other not only in our careers but in the home and in the gym," she says, highlighting their dynamic partnership, “Luckily, I married someone who shares the exact vision and dream as I do and he just so happens to be the athletic trainer at my rival school. #CrosstownShowdown.”

Jaclyn’s career has had its share of intense moments. She recalls a particularly hectic week early in her career with multiple serious injuries and an incident involving a golf cart crash. Despite the challenges, she reflects positively, saying, "But hey, I survived!"

For Jaclyn, the most rewarding part of her job is the people. Despite identifying as an introvert, she finds immense fulfillment in her interactions with athletes and students. "Without them, without my athletes, without my students, I do not know who else I would go to lengths for," she reflects.

As a mother to a spirited four-year-old and with plans to expand her family, Jaclyn is focused on continuing her growth as an athletic trainer. "I continue to grow and continue to become the best AT that I can be by leading by example in my own life," she asserts.

Kinematic Products play a vital role in Jaclyn’s work, providing privacy and safety for injured athletes on the sidelines and protecting the sports medicine team. These tools are integral to her ability to perform her duties effectively and safely.

Jaclyn Emery’s journey and dedication to her field serve as a testament to the impact of passion, hard work, and the unyielding pursuit of excellence in athletic training.


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