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Kinematic Company's mission is to provide innovative products that support the evolution of athletic training.


Exposure from the Sidelines

SidelinER® is an excellent way to showcase your clinic's expertise, commitment to athlete well-being, and advanced orthopedic services. With up to 8-10 times of exposure during each game, your clinic's logo and branding will be prominently displayed, creating a lasting impression on the audience.

By providing essential medical care to athletes in real-time, your clinic positions itself as a trusted authority in the sports medicine arena. This exposure not only strengthens your clinic's reputation but also encourages athletes and sports enthusiasts to choose your clinic for their orthopedic needs.

SidelinER® connects your clinic with the local sports community, fostering meaningful relationships. This engagement can lead to partnerships, sponsorships, and increased patient referrals, as athletes and their families recognize your commitment to their health.

Your clinic can use the SidelinER® exposure as an educational platform. Share insights about injury prevention, post-game recovery tips, and the importance of proper orthopedic care. This not only contributes to the community's well-being but also positions your clinic as a thought leader.


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