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Chris Litt

Associate Director of Sports Medicine / Head Football Athletic Trainer - University of Louisiana

“I’ve always enjoyed helping others.”


In the world of sports medicine, where meticulous attention to detail and quick thinking can make all the difference, individuals like Chris Litt shine. As the Associate Director of Sports Medicine and Head Football Athletic Trainer at the University of Louisiana, Chris has carved a career path that blends his passion for sports with his dedication to helping others.

Growing up in Rialto, California, Chris initially set his sights on becoming a doctor. However, the rigorous mathematical demands of medical school led him to reconsider his path. During a pivotal college visit, he discovered athletic training—a field that allowed him to merge his love for sports with his desire to work in the medical realm. "Athletic training was the career path that I wanted to pursue," Chris recalls. "It allowed me to stay involved in sports as well as the medical field. Plus, I’ve always enjoyed helping others."

Chris laid the foundation for his career by earning his bachelor's degree at San Diego State University and completing his master's degree at the University of Arkansas. He achieved certification from the Board of Certification (BOC) in 2002 in Southern California, solidifying his credentials in athletic training.

When asked what he loves most about athletic training, Chris doesn't hesitate: "The relationships." For him, the connections forged with athletes, colleagues, and mentors are invaluable aspects of his work.

Reflecting on the craziest moment of his career, Chris recounts a harrowing experience during his time in the Arena Football League. "Our equipment manager suffered a heart attack in the team locker room after a playoff game," he reveals. "The paramedics’ AED didn’t work, but fortunately, I always traveled with ours, and we were able to save his life that day."

Throughout his career, Chris has had the privilege of working alongside esteemed figures in athletic training, including James Collins, Mike Ryan, and Joe Sheehan, all of whom he considers mentors. Their guidance and inspiration have played a pivotal role in shaping his career trajectory and fostering his growth as a professional.

"The most rewarding part of my job," Chris shares, "is witnessing the growth and maturation of young athletes as they transition from high school to college. Being a part of that process is incredibly fulfilling."

As for the future, Chris remains guided by faith and ambition. "My goal has always been to be a Head Football Athletic Trainer either in the NFL or at the highest level within collegiate athletics," he reveals. "If those opportunities come, I know I’m ready for them, and if they don’t, I’m okay with that as well."

Chris emphasizes the importance of innovative tools like Kinematic products in his work. "These products allow us to provide our student-athletes with the care and resources they need in an effective and efficient manner," he explains.

Chris Litt's journey exemplifies the intersection of passion, skill, and commitment that defines the world of athletic training. His story serves as a testament to the impact that dedicated professionals can have on the lives of athletes both on and off the field.



Written by Allison Ragland


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