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AT All Stars: Tiffany Phillips

Head Athletic Trainer, Grapevine High School


"The protection of our athletes is paramount."

The best part of my job is the relationships I am able to build with my athletes. Often, the circumstances that lead an athlete to my athletic training room cause them to feel as though they are at a low point. I love having the ability to be a part of building them back up, both mentally and physically and watching go on to succeed. The “thank you” they give after being back on the field their first time, is so rewarding and truly is my “why” in choosing this profession.

SidelinER® has allowed me to evaluate my athletes in a private setting without distractions - for myself and for the athlete I am treating. It gives us the opportunity to accurately assess an injury without the uncomfortable pressure of prying eyes. The protection of our athletes is paramount and Kinematic has granted us safety, security and privacy during an otherwise hectic moment on the sideline.

Our experience with COVID in regards to athletics has made us more grateful than ever to be able to continue participating in sports. Athletics are a big part of our students' everyday lives, and serve as a positive outlet for many.

As an athletic trainer, my job has always been to give our athletes a fighting chance to be on the field. Right now, I am fighting harder than ever for our kids to be able to do what they

love while still being healthy and safe. I feel rewarded every week knowing that I have done my part to ensure our students have the ability to participate in sports and gain the benefits that come with being a competitor.

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