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Kinematic Company's mission is to provide innovative products that support the evolution of athletic training.


Kevin Kikugawa

Associate Director Medical Services / Head Football Athletic Trainer – University of Arizona

“I enjoy investigating ways to prevent injuries before they occur.”

In a dynamic world where sports and healthcare intersect, the role of an athletic trainer is both challenging and deeply rewarding. Kevin Kikugawa stands out as a dynamic figure, blending passion, problem-solving, and a commitment to advancing sports science. As the Head Football Athletic Trainer and Associate Director of Medical Services at the University of Arizona, Kevin's journey from aspiring pilot to athletic trainer is a testament to following one's true calling.

Growing up in a military family that traversed the globe, Kevin's early years were marked by diversity and change. Hawaii held a special place as his childhood home, steeped in family ties. Despite initially envisioning a career as a pilot in the Air Force, Kevin's path shifted during college, when he discovered a newfound interest in sports and healthcare.

It was during his sophomore year at Washington State University that Kevin's curiosity was piqued by the field of athletic training. The prospect of combining his love for sports with a healthcare focus proved irresistible. He pursued an entry-level program at the University of Arkansas, becoming a certified athletic trainer in 2011.

What Kevin loves most about athletic training is multifaceted. Naturally, working with athletes and aiding their recovery from injury brings fulfillment. However, his passion extends beyond mere treatment to proactive injury prevention. Kevin and his team at the University of Arizona are pioneers in investigating sports science to predict and prevent injuries, transforming the way athletic training is approached.

Kevin's career is marked by unforgettable experiences, from working with renowned mentors like Matt Summers (Cincinnati Bengals), Shone Gipson (New Orleans Saints), and Tory Lindley (Former NATA President) to forming lasting bonds with athletes he has treated. For Kevin, the most rewarding aspect of his job extends beyond immediate care. "It's the long-term relationships with athletes," he shared. Years after treating athletes, Kevin finds immense joy in reconnecting and witnessing their growth—both in sports and in life.

Kevin highlights the impact of innovative tools like Kinematic's SidelinER and HydratER in his daily work. The SidelinER, a privacy tent for on-field evaluations, offers athletes a discreet space during vulnerable moments. "It's about respecting their privacy and ensuring quality medical evaluations," Kevin noted. Meanwhile, the HydratER simplifies hydration management, a crucial aspect of athlete care, especially in challenging conditions like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kevin's story resonates with passion, innovation, and a genuine commitment to athlete care. His journey from pilot aspirations to shaping the future of athletic training is nothing short of inspiring. As Kevin continues to pioneer new strategies and technologies, his vision for injury prevention and holistic athlete care promises to revolutionize the field.

In the dynamic world of athletic training, Kevin Kikugawa exemplifies not only expertise but also a profound dedication to athlete well-being. His story is a testament to the transformative power of passion and innovation in sports medicine.


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