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STARTING AT $2,249 / unit

The AT Table addresses the recurring challenge faced by athletic trainers in efficiently organizing and transporting their equipment across diverse environments like hotel rooms and locker rooms. Featuring a portable and compact design that folds flat for easy travel, the table boasts 9 shelf locations for optimized equipment setup, ensuring swift access to essential tools during training or injury treatments. The secure shelf attachment, coupled with the table's seamless conversion into a dolly, provides a versatile solution for on-the-go athletic trainers. Environmental concerns are tackled with a weatherproof, rust-free ultralight powder-coated aluminum frame and hard rubber feet for turf surface protection. The rock-solid stainless steel truss system ensures durability, creating a sturdy platform for trainers. Additional highlights include onboard storage, an optional padded travel case, and a lightweight design at 30 lbs (bare table), offering a comprehensive solution that combines portability, durability, and versatility to elevate the efficiency of athletic trainers in various settings


  1. Enhanced Mobility with Dolly Feature:

    • The inclusion of a dolly feature facilitates effortless equipment transport, allowing athletic trainers to move efficiently between locations.

  2. Optimized Setup Configuration:

    • Featuring 9 shelf locations, the AT Table enables athletic trainers to tailor their equipment setup for maximum efficiency, ensuring easy access to all necessary tools.

  3. Secure Attachment with Lockable Shelves:

    • The shelves are designed to lock securely, providing a stable attachment for athletic equipment during movement and setup, minimizing the risk of accidents.

  4. Compact and Travel-Friendly Design:

    • The AT Table can be conveniently folded flat, making it highly portable and ideal for travel. Its dual functionality as a dolly further streamlines on-the-go usage.

  5. Turf-Friendly Design for Various Environments:

    • Equipped with hard rubber feet, the table is turf-friendly, ensuring it won't puncture or damage playing surfaces. This design accommodates a range of working environments.

  6. Weatherproof and Durable Construction:

    • Crafted with an ultralight powder-coated aluminum frame and a rock-solid stainless steel truss system, the AT Table is both weatherproof and rust-free, ensuring longevity and reliability.

  7. Additional Protection with Padded Travel Case:

    • For added protection during transit, a padded, soft-sided travel case is available, safeguarding the table and its components from potential damage.

  8. Lightweight Yet Sturdy:

    • Weighing only 30 lbs in its bare form, the AT Table maintains a lightweight design without compromising on strength, making it easy for athletic trainers to handle and transport.

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Converts into dolly to help transport your gear from the locker room or hotel to the field


Folds flat and compacts for easy travel

Modular shelving with 360° attachment points to support your taping equipment and tallest athletes

*1 shelf included

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Rock solid stainless steel truss system and powder-coated aluminum frame

Weighs 30lbs
*Lightest table on the market


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"It is absolutely paramount that we have our AT Tables on the sidelines. The fact is doubles up as a dolly is second to none. It is so light and portable and helps out so much when it comes to caring for our athletes. We don’t go anywhere without them."

Elli Dinkmeyer, Head Athletic Trainer, A&M Consolidated High School

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